Nichole’s Internet Service Woes :)

So I haven’t really been seen online very much since Thursday evening. Here is a explaination of why!

the short version I have an Iphone 4 through verizon with only 2g of wifi usuage. I still have 5g/unlimited through my phone. trying to decide to keep it or get another phone that I would be able to tether and share the unlimited 5g with..

now the long version:

Many of you know that for the past year or so I have tethered one phone or another to my computer through an app called PDA Net. You may also remember that I have been on the edge network since the dawn of time, via t-mobile who seem to not want to expand in my area, when everyone else is going 3g/4g.

Last monday I ended my service with them…and sold my Mytouch 3g Slide. We were using virgin mobiles mifi device but we started having speed cap issues (very common these days) and the fact I really want a phone. Actually since my uncle is planning to NOT keep paying on his verizon bill, the time is coming that I will in  fact need a phone with minutes anyways.

We went to bestbuy to  check out the iphone 4 with verizon. I however left with a samsung fascinate (android) phone. Later that evening david decided he wanted to get the iphone anyways, so we went to trade. I was under the impression all along that we could use the pdanet on the fascinate and even if you *cough* jailbreak your iphone you can use it there as well.

We decided we didn’t want to try to jailbreak the iphone because the original most simple way to jail break it was not available because our software version is too new.We go back to bestbuy and get another fascinate. guess what. I kid you not that phone was having issues right left and sideways. So of course we had to take it back. I was so embarrassed ..

We ended up with the iphone4. which is funny you would not think i’d be the person to get an iphone…but I honestly realy like it. The only thing I don’t like is that I only have 2g of wifi usuage(usuage to us on my computer) per month. I am used to having “Unlimited”(which these days is around 5g/6g depending on who you have).  Granted I don’t watch videos , upload large files or download large files. I am thinking it should be o.k. i know from the past that we don’t really use that much in a days time. And I know I spend alot of time refreshing things like twitter/mail that could be done on the phone.

I found out today though, that I could get any other phone other than the iphone and get the tethering through them for the same price.So I am kinda confused as to what to do.I really really don’t want to switch again!

well now you know the long story. lets put it this way. i’m doing a normal usuage day with all the stupid windows updates off and no downloading to see if i think the usuage is right or not..

bah. lol


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    I get confused with the whole internet usuage amounts all the time.I have been wanting an Android phone for as long as I can remember but I am scared to lose out on the unlimited interent usuage I have on my cell currently.

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    The whole tethering thing just confuses me, lol. I know my brother-in-law does it, and I know it can be a pain, so good luck getting your issues straightened out!