night time patio blogging

Hey everyone! well this week really didn’t get any better. I woke up to missed calls and texts from david about did i know why my dad left work around 10 a/m on Thursday morning.. I was like um no but I will find out lol. I called and find out my mom is at the DR office having one of these “spells” we call them that she has been having for a while. She has really bad nausea and dizziness among other things. We kind of had suspected that it was her gall bladder even though she had that checked before and that is how they found her thyroid problem

I finally hear back a bit over an hour later and my dad says they think she is having what is known as a silent migraine(painless migraine). I was like what? lol. Apparently it is odd to have but you can have a migraine but not have the actual pain! She had 2 shots and they took several viles of blood. I ended up going over there and spending the rest of the day with her. She said she got scared because her vision basically totally went out . Crazy times I am telling you!

Yesterday was basically the only day this week that I semi felt like ME and got to stay at the house but I realy got more done today than I did yesterday lol. Even though I did manage to shave yesterday!

I had got up and straightened my hair and changed sheets on the bed before 9 this morning lol. I also cleaned up a few drawers in my dresser .. whee!

I really am sitting out on the patio blogging on the ipad right now. It is about 10 p.m and I have my bluetooth speaker playing some music and I am drinking some apple cider. Marley is out here with me but she never sits still lol.

David bought me an Ipod Touch 32 gb as a surprise today. he sold his DS to get it for me! It took a while but we got all my songs transfered but omg what a mess lol. I need to figure out what I want to clean totally off and then figure out what i want to put on there! that might be that project I keep talking about finding to get into 🙂

well I just wanted to write a few lines .. I just let sam come out here with me and he is having a blast lol.. but i have to pay attention to him a little more than Marley so I better go for now 🙂