…? no title comes to mind…

I don’t believe I have even had my computer on since thursday or maybe friday? I have seemingly gotten to where the weekends + computer + me = doesn’t work out. I think it’s probably for the best though…kind of sort of keeps me fresh for through the week? I don’t know

David had to RUSH to get his brother on friday. I won’t really go there, except to say it pretty much screwed the whole weekend up especially since we didn’t get him back home until YESTERDAY! UGH. It is just seriously too much of a hassle to go that far to get him let him sit here and eat all of our snacks/drink all of our soda and then tote him back…

plus it makes for the most boring of times for me. I might as well just not be here! I can’t watch what I want on tv/etc and david doesn’t hardly pay attention to me..MEH well it won’t be happening again for a while is all i know.

My allergies are killing me, so i’m pretty well laying low today… just wanted to pop on here for a sec and write a quick update. (and I had to send an email) I have pretty much been keeping up with things via my phone..i guess it’s not like i totally am gone.. you just don’t hear from me as much on the weekends!

I am thinking about going to take a nap/listen to my ipod..and then I am making enchilladas for dinner. I *might* start a load of clothes/wash dishes /vacuum my rug but we’ll see. Only thing for sure is going tanning later (meh, I missed yesterday so I pretty much have to go today)