No work this week :(

Hey Everyone

Well we got “That CALL” yesterday afternoon saying that David (And my Dad for that matter) won’t be working ANY this week 🙁 In all reality they are not supposed to work if it is under 32 but a lot of times they do anyways…but combined with the refreezing and more perciptation expected..they went ahead and cancelled it.

Let me put it to you this way. We do live paycheck to paycheck with little wiggle room so it is NOT a good situation.  Rent will be due, Car insurance, car payment and the power bill. I am not sure what else.. I know the phone bill but I could care less about if it is late.. I do however need a place to live, electricity and not to have the car taken away!

I have emergency money that is stashed at my moms that I have had since FOREVER. It is not a lot but it might help at least with our rent. I have thought many times over the years that I would have to dip into it- even had it in my hands and then put it back in their safe… I am HOPING that maybe our state check would come .. We talked to the car people and they will delay our car payment a week but other than that they won’t help.. and I understand.

It just sucks when your hubs works an outdoor job in the south in winter. He hasn’t taken a “short week” for unemployment in forever .. but he is checking to see if he can use this week as his qualifying week so he would be able to collect unemployment in case this happens again (with in a years time)

Going back in my archives it looks like right through this time period we are generally dealing with snow. I know 2 years ago monday was when I tore up my foot, and it looks like a year ago today is when the piece of ice flew back into my windshield and broke it!

Boredom hasn’t set in quite yet but I am sure it will.. if there was a way I think we would honestly go visit my grandma but she is the southwest part of virginia.. way back in the middle of nowhere and there is always a chance of getting stuck! I don’t know though if my parents were to decide to go we might would ride with them. they have trucks with 4wd!

Honestly they could have worked today- It is right at 32 and the roads/parking lot isn’t that bad. They were originally going to go in at 10 and that would have been perfectly fine. We kind of seen it coming for thursday and friday because i think the HIGH is like 20 tomorrow and the low is like 4.. UGH!!

It is calling for more weather today- i think a 70% chance of snow or somthing so I guess we will see. I think that is mainly this evening and tonight.

I do have money to go to the grocery store with so I need to figure out some meals and then go from there. I might go over to my moms in a bit and other than that.. no real plans. Might get bit by the blog bug you never know 🙂