not amused


see I told you having a new theme is inspirational ha ha πŸ™‚

Right now i’m praying praying praying that david DOES NOT get approved for getting a gun. I have nothing against guns, don’t get me wrong, my dad is a hunter, i’m from mountain folk..guns don’t scare me or anything like that. However, people like david with a gun bother me alot.

I’m not going to get too detailed but lets just put it this way. David has things on his record, that I knew about when we got together.. and they *hopefully* will prevent him from getting a gun. Also, with his anger issues,he def. doesn’t need one!Β  I mean he gets pissed at my dv7 laptop over an ipod connectivity problem and smashes the screen..yeah sure he needs a gun.. *rolls eyes* Plus all the other random sht that he has threw/broke. If anything he needs anger management help!

He went to get one last night and the check came back Delayed, which means something has showed up and they have to get a further background

i would *love* to get up at least one of not two reviews today. One of for a laser wireless mouse and one is for purex.we will see how it goes. and of course i swear i hope i can comment at least a few of you all. ………ha ha my commenting weakness!

right now i need to get off the puter and get this house straightened up a little bit

ciao for now



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    Anger issues and guns don;t mix! For your sake AND his…I hope he doesn’t get approved. Especially if it’s a concern for you.

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    I don’t know if you can do this, but can you call the place where you get approved for guns (or where David went, or whatnot) and explain how you feel that he’s not ‘suited’ for gun ownership? It would probably help if it was on record that he’s had anger management issues or destroys things? If you’ve reported him for that.

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    I definitely agree that David should definitely not get a gun. πŸ™ Has he had his anger issues addressed in therapy?

    I also second what Michelle said about calling and giving them a head’s up.