Not the happiest time of my year

There are 2 weeks of my year that include the 2 worst things that ever happened to me.

First of all 3 years ago on July 06 2010 David & I had been planning to go “camping” or at least on some sort of trip through the 4th of july vacation that he had. I woke up to a call from my mom asking me what we were getting into. I said we weren’t sure, and then she informed me that my great grandma had passed away earlier that morning.

Now, I haven’t been to many funerals in my time, and at the age of 26 this was the first person that I have ever been close to and loved that had ever died (and still is). It was pretty hard for me . I am also not the type of person to sit at a funeral and cry.

It took me 2 years to be able to cope with everything and get to where I can talk about it without crying. Without getting to much more into it.. let’s leave that part of the story at that.

This was last year, as far as when I was finally o.k. with everything and going great..right before the 2 year mark…and well..(JUN 22)

HERE CAME MY DRAMA that I so fondly refer to it as. Now I guess you figure that I am about to spill the beans about what actually went down on that fateful night, but I won’t.  As I tell you, that is something that will probably never ever be wrote about here…I will take it to the grave. Even if things end up going in my favor. If you are someone who knows then consider yourself lucky. If you are someone that doesn’t well.. maybe one day in private you will. There are a few more people that  I think I can tell the story to.

So From Jun 22- July 06 how crazy did that end up? 2 weeks exactly for the 2 worst things that ever happened to me?  And it is a little crazy because I don’t like summer anyways and it just so happens that it starts right when summer begins!

Anyways, if I seem a little “down” more so than usual between now and july 06 that might explain it. Subconciously I am feeling it because I have the weirdest and craziest dreams related to the events above like every night….:(

Anyways… are there specific times /dates that you have in your mind that are unhappy times? do you want to share why? leave it in the comments 🙂