oh and so it begins..

Travel time is about to be upon me…of course i’m flinging flanging aggravated! my mother starts her “well you dont have to go” song and dance about 3 days before we get ready to go and then she keeps saying it 500 times until it totally pisses me off and I decide to NOT go.

I think she honestly does it on purpose! Because usually if she can piss me off early enough they can leave a day or so earlier than they would if we went! She even told me that David could come by and pick up the presents we have at her house!

The thing is I WANT to go. I haven’t been since June. It isn’t that I don’t, I just have travel anxiety from heck! The worst part is if we leave before like 8 a/m I stay sick as heck to my stomach all day long and well..what kind of fun is that to be sick the entire day?

If I wasn’t a tight ass I would just suck it up and pay the gas money to travel on my own. I really hate to travel that far in our car though..of course everytime we get out far from home something happens…well ok just the one time but you know..it doesn’t leave a easy feeling in your mind. So I don’t know what to do. AT ALL.

Another thing is I dont like staying overnight. it is part of my anxiety because i’m so paranoid about leaving the house..not only because I don’t like to leave sam..I don’t like our stuff to be alone. I know that is dumb, but we keep getting ghetto ass new neighbors.. and ..I don’t have anyone to stop by and check things out since christina doesn’t live here anymore 🙁

Anyways, i’m off to straighten up the house a bit.. Today is david’s last day of work until Jan 03!