Oh, Early on a Saturday! Be SCARED!


I got up at like 7:30 on a Saturday! believe it or not!  I knew  had a few things that  needed to be done on BE  (We are getting ready to start our 30  Day Challenge for september!) Also,  I had a couple of paid posts that needed to be up as well!  Anyways I am glad to have all of that all caught up! (Well, not so much I Just had 2 paid posts land in my inbox lol)

Yesterday I had the most evil headache EVER.  I think it might have been a sinus headache! I like to never shook it! Then David &  I had a late dinner and  had 2 beers and OMG  I was snookered! As in mellow! We ended up going to bed super early so I guess me being up so early isn’t all that shocking!

I want to finish up August BE challenge today, and TRY to get a review up or at least started! We are getting ready to go out to eat lunch, and I wanted to get a regular post in before we left!

I will def. write more later on!