oh em gee did we actually go have fun?

seriously. david and I were already fighting before he came home from work, because everytime my parents go away he gets the notion that he needs to bring his brother over here…if you follow me on twitter you already saw all my tweets about this and i’m just gonna not take up anymore of my blog to write about that.

we ended up going to eat at fire house subs, which was awesome and more close to the subs i get when i got up north. i got this chopped up chicken breast and it was AWESOME.

when david and i first went out we went to this upscale little bar not very far from his house/or my house. well we are always close to that place, but we haven’t ever went back.

I had some kryptonite rita thingy and an X-rated passion. there are pics on flickr (which i will be taking down and moving to daily booth, they are kind of dark) but that kryptonite thing was HUGE.

david got all purple drinks and i didn’t like either of them. so then we go to the movies higher than a kite off of the alcohol,and watched jennifers body.

then we came home drank some 100 proof captain with dr. pepper (see i’m no liteweight when it comes to drinking lol) then we took a bath together in my parents big ass tub. (hopefuly i got everything back the way it was cuz they’d be pissed)

anyways i’m early cuz well do i ever sleep in on a sat? for some reason nooo. i really want to go to the apple festival if someone will get up and go.

he still has the notion to bring his bro here.
not happenin. i swear. lol

more latter.


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    wish I could drink like now – I had one 9huge) glass of rosé wine on my birthday and was such a lightweight lol that’s what babies do to you =D