oh just almost died on a sat morning in december

Hi Everyone!

I woke up this morning around 6 a/m just to go to the bathroom and drink some water. At first I didn’t notice anything “strange” because well, you know when you are like half awake and just planning to get right back in bed and go to sleep? yeah, that is where I was. Anyways other than being hot, I wasn’t noticing anything. After I got out of the bathroom and drank some water is when it hit me. This HORRIBLE INTENSE SHARP pain in my stomach EVER. I have NEVER had such a feeling or such pain. I started freaking out because I have a really high threshold to pain, so you know it had to be horrible.

I got scared and had to wake David up! I couldn’t sit down in the bed because it was so painful, and when I finally manage to sit down, I could hardly get up. I was nauseous as well, but I wasn’t so worried about that.. You know i am nauseous a lot and I was nauseous yesterday/last night. I just got scared it was my appendix but I also know my period is on the way..So when everything calmed down a bit I grabbed the heating pad and laid down for a while. Now it is a little after noon and I just have a wicked stomach ache.

I hope the REAL pain stays away and doesn’t come back ๐Ÿ™ I don’t even think I would wish that kind of pain on an enemy! I am pretty positive it is related some how to my female stuff though. MEH! One of my first thoughts is that my parents are 5 hours away and how if something really bad was going on. I think I scared myself more than anything but yeah!

So I am Def. Laying low today. I will probably end up going back upstairs with the heating pad and snuggling up with the fur babes, my ipad and watching something on tv/napping most of the day. I know david went to get his brother so I will be left out anyways ๐Ÿ™

I know one thing this has not slowed my appetite down

I am craving: v8, scrambled eggs,beef bacon(cuz that is the only kind I eat),tangy slaw,and cheese it crackers!ย  So I am hoping when David gets back we can figure out something to eat that might be on that list ๐Ÿ™‚

I totally planned to put up some pics and details from the christmas party the other night, so maybe I can do that after while as well!