Oh the laundry never ends!

Hello Minions & Loyal Readers

I hope everyone is doing well 🙂 Things around my world are going great. I have been busy being domestic and working BE society! I was going to do some updating on Monday & yesterday but my server was having some sort of hiccup (It was almost like my own IP address was blocked from my own sites, because I could access it on my phone internet!) Anyways, it all seems to be working fine now thankfully!

Tonight starts bike night up at the bar and I don’t know if we will go or not. It is a really nice evening and we won’t do anything special if we don’t go, it is just not a band that I care to really go listen to. They aren’t that great and they are there like more than any other band (go figure lol) I would like some wings though, so I guess we will just see how it goes! I am pretty sure David’s dad will go, so ..yeah lol.

I have literally spent all day piddling in laundry and I am not even through yet , but I am giving up for today! I also re-straightened my hair (Just had done it Thursday but we got 3 inches of rain and well.. yeah that was equal to not happy nichole hair) and did a little bit of this and that here and on BE.We have been having a fun time on BE , esp on the Facebook group lately. I also have new staff and new activities, so that is pretty awesome as well 🙂

David and I have pretty much decided we will be moving in June unless something changes. We are probably going to move back where he is from and he has tested it out, even with being stuck in traffic he could have been to one of those apartment places in 15 minutes or less! Sounds better than almost an hour doesn’t it? I know that when I was going to college up here I did that drive, but the traffic from down where my parents and his work is has really increased since then! I don’t think I could have done it as long as he has!

Well I hate that this is so short, but as always more later gators. I am gonna grab a quick snack and then vacuum the living room!
Later Gators