oh wow, here I am!

Well goodness I didn’t realize that I hadn’t updated here in several days!

I think I started a few posts, but I got distracted and never managed to complete them and get them up! OY!

So really last week was pretty boring in my world ..I spent a good while trying to set up google authorship and never did have any luck. Jerri Ann had to do it for me, because of course mine had to have something weird and wonky going on!

I also had a plug in on here that was throwing a TON of wonky codes too…and some major picture problems. I am still having some issues with the pictures but it’s hard to explain

So yes, I have been having lot of online fun (sarcasm my friends)

As far as offline ..pfft nothing new here! The weekend sucked because it rained and I couldn’t really get out and about because of my foot!

My foot …I seriously believe I did more damage than I thought. I think I messed up part of my lower leg. Like.. where the bruising was …it’s like perma throbbing all the time! It is also twitchy and sometimes I will be asleep and it just totally kick all on its own! It is a little scary.

My mom got me one of those surgical boots but since I haven’t got to go over there I haven’t got to try it out…

I hate the foot thing even more because we were going to start walking on the trail in the evenings…plus it’s going to be summer time and the only shoes I can really wear are crocks!! I hate tennis shoes in the summer but at this point i’d be happy to be able to wear them.

Well, I will try to write a bit more after while. Right now I gotta see what to get into around the house.