oh yeah i ment to post!

well I really ment to blog before now!! lol i swear I am such a slacker. i have been this way for years. do really good at blogging and commenting then go to where its like ok is nichole alive?

twitter spoils me so bad though. i just make 50 mllion tweets and then i don’t update.oy!!

friday i did end up seeing jason. thats really all that will be wrote here about that. i might make a private post later on, but i’m not sure how i want to handle that sittution right now. just seeing him was a great thing though!!

saturday was a blah day. i was hungover and we went to watch alvin & chipmunks the squeakual.

sunday we went over to davids dads and out to eat (i had the WORST eating out experience ever) i actually threatened the general manager that if he didn’t fix the sittuation i’d cancel payment with the bank. it was that bad. we ended up going to best buy and they had season 5 of house for 16 bucks so that was nice!!

monday is a blur…i really dont know lol

yesterday david & i went to look at a place to live, since my old apt finally got rented after almost 8 months!! she says she doesn’t care if we bring shadow back and everything so thats great. anyways this little apt. is a house that has been split to make apts I guess is the way to explain it.

so its a one level.2 bedrooms 1 bathroom. a living room. a fair size kitchen with a laundry area and some closets. she even said if our apt/any apt over in town where we were becomes available she can switch us over there.

some pluses  are that its only about 20min away (if you go the way we didnt go because i forgot we could) our old apt was about 35 minutes away. no gas bill, no sewer/water bill. basically the rent/power and thats it. the rent is what we used to pay 400 …our old apts are now 450!

we really aren’t sure with davids job. and we havent saved a dime living here. i just figure somehow another we could pay 400 a month!i really want to start writting and stuff for demand studios so i’m sur i could help out a little bit.

i am not 100% of the area though. like if its “safe” enough for me.  I know my parents would know more than me so i’m gonna prob bring it up and see what they say. i’m pretty sure it is an ok place though because our rent lady let her daughter live there at one point.

well more in a few. i’ll write more after i go clean up some things 🙂 and maybe ill comment. oh commenting i have missed it!


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    Good that the Jason thing went well.. and I always love a bargain when I can get one.. I hope that you decide to take the apartment.. It seems as if you need to get out of that house ASAP. =] <3 ya!

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    Oh you should rent that apartment. Sounds totally good for me. enough for you to go rest and become much independent. :). I’m sure the place was pretty awesome.