oh yeah, its sunday

well today i came with david to his dads. ha he thought he was gonna get out of the house without me was one thing, but with my netbook and not me is quite another. lol he is only allowed supervised visits with this thing.

i am playing at exquisite.i need to edit some pages around here and whatnot so we’ll see. like i said everytime i say i’m gonna do it it doesnt happen.

right now i’m here with my bro in law while david took his dad to work. oy. david is supposed to bring me some mcdonalds back so yayy.

thanks to caity for the link exchange!! i also want to add whitters, and jennfur. so someone keep on me about it so i know i’ll get it done lol. i swear i’m online all the time but not always very productive.

ok well more later..ng


  1. says

    Add Whitters and Jennfur! And add those pages! šŸ˜›
    I’d go crazy if my boyfriend tried to make off with my laptop. I’m pretty much banning him from it because it wouldn’t be the first broken thing if something were to happen to it, haha.