oh yes..one of THOSE weeks!


It is turning into one of those weeks ya’ll lol

First of all , not like we aren’t spending enough time dealing with the legal system at this point in time (as well as before.. hAh) This week David has been cursed with Jury duty. Now you can get into the whole it’s your civil duty blah blah blah spill on me but you aren’t going to convince me lol.

He has to go back tomorrow, because he had a conflict of interests with the case they were working with today or something like that…OY. Then we are having a conflict with knowing exactly the way that his job handles the payment and hours associated.. believe me it’s confusing and I know what happened the last time he had jury duty and I know there shouldn’t be a difference

I got a hair cut/ color on sunday. i’m poofy lol. ..and I wish that I was darker headed ..either way it looks better than it did.

I am getting some review offers/ advertising offers I just really hope they pan out things have been really dead on that front lately. I miss it! and it helps me not to think of other things.

Well I just wanted to write a quick line. I’m sitting here watching Reba on hulu and waiting for david to get back so I can make me a salad 🙂