old computers & new tricks

I am on my moms computer (laptop) that my grandma bought at a yardsale, and then my uncle put a cd burner and some memory in it.

I put the t-mobile broadband in so i am not using dialup. still a bit slow but hey better than sitting holed up in my room.

I might use my old gateway solo 1150 if i can get one of the usb connections that doesnt have a short in it…since apparently the modem is not hub friendly

that gateway is old lol. i have had it since i was in 10th grade so like almost 10 years i guess. its only got like 150 hard drive or something.. its pretty ghetto. the dialup modem is screwed up on it.. its crashed on me about 6 times.. but if i can get it to work for now, that would be cool.

david went off w/o me this morning. i was kinda pissed but I really dont care now. whatever. spend time with ur family. kinda makes it peaceful on me i guess.

theres a zune 8gb at walmart for 100 bucks. i have a 50 giftcard and i do have the means to pay the remainder but dont know if i wanna go there. i dont need no more electronics drama.

i went outside and spend some time with shadow while ago …hes in a cuddly mood but goodness it was so cold out lol.

well more later