one last post before I travel!


I thought I better take a few minutes and write here before I get distracted or am traveling tomorrow and can’t.

I ended up just getting up at a semi-regular time this morning instead of getting up when David left… I had a scrubbing bubble convention in the kitchen (seriously, did you know they make kitchen foam cleaner?) and washed dishes/dried and put up dishes. Then I vacuumed the living room, sorted clothes, put up some clothes, made the bed, and started tearing through my dressers to find shirts that I think might work for tomorrow.

This is the point when David got home (I got up a bit after 10 and he got here a little after 11) I went from looking like a preppy, to an indian, to fat Pocahontas, to a pilgrim. I finally decided either wearing the pink preppy shirt with MAYBE my pink furry boots and def. my white headband with pink flower… OR just a regular appalachian shirt ..

Then I proceeded to annihilate my closet searching for a purse. before I got half way through I decided I’d just use the one I was carrying now. David helped me work on my hair some more (i think it needs about 2 inches cut off of it and David agrees) After all that we went to eat at zaxbys.

Right now really all that is left to do is stuff that I will do in the morning like putting up some important papers (sam had them scattered all over the house the last time I was gone for any length of time and was sitting on top of them when I came home!) Putting up my wedding shadow box (he likes to get on top our chinese table when we are gone, and if that got broke It couldn’t be replaced) and take out the trash. I am going to have david change sam’s litter too at some point late this evening.

I need to put my kindle, ipod, headphones and glasses in my purse and make sure to grab my phone and we should be all set! WOOT WOOT…and make sure I have a hair clippy!


I *might* sit here and work on my media kit.. I know I keep saying it lol. I just have had a fit trying to write about my site, myself and pick out some logos. *zonk*

Here is a random nichole tidbit for you

I DO NOT EAT TURKEY!!! ever since I was in high school. No real reason, it just doesn’t float my boat. Not to worry we also have deer (which I dont eat, except in jerky form) and chicken wings! I have to call and confirm we are having punch  too! Which makes me wonder if I should take my actual camera or just use my iphone? oY!

Well… That about says everything I suppose that needs said right now lol.. catch you later!

Have a great holiday