hi everyone
I have decided that I am going to keep my pink DSI and yes it is the one with a camera. two actually and a music player too. though why I need something with another music player/camera I don’t know lol. I might take it back and get the lite…but either way I will have one 🙂

David & I went to gamestop last night and i got the clique came (kinda like the book series)…oddly enough it just came out august 25th and they already marked it down to 14.99…and even odder theres another clique game coming out this weekend! anyways i liked what i’ve played so far.

while writing this blog i went and checked the mail, and dear god BBT is getting ready to loose me as a customer in i’m saying my account is about to be CLOSED. that is my bank, in case you were wondering. all the hell we ever do is overdraft which is BS because I know for a fact we had the money this time,because davids check is in.. so a somehow we overdrafted TWICE so 16 in purchases now has ended up costing me 86! thats all we do is overdraw… and its wrong. they are so full of it. pending transactions, transactions that take weeks to come out..on and on. its over over we can have davids check put on a rush card or something.

my site kinda died since i got a i’m attempting to breathe some life into it. 🙂 I put up the new layout which really wasn’t what I wanted. I was goin for a fall look but the fall layout i got the sidebar wasn’t customizeable soo.. i will look somemore.

well i’m out for now. more latter!


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    Banks are quite good at deliberately timing transactions so that overdraft fees are likely to occur. The last straw for us was when SIX transactions were deliberately rearranged so that a bunch of small transactions hit first and THEN the large one(despite being done FIVE DAYS before the small ones) and THEN the deposit, so we got hit with a shit load of bounce fees.

    That was a year ago. We haven’t used a bank account since. Ever since we’ve just cashed Dan’s check, paid with cash and money orders, and used my PayPal account for CC transactions.

    I hate banks. 🙁

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    Overdrafting totally SUCKS. I hate it when that happens to me. When I used Wells Fargo they had my checking hooked up to my savings so that if I overdrafted it would just take the money out of my savings and I wasn’t charged any fees. Maybe you could do something like that? At least now you know with Wells Fargo you have that option… although I wonder if there is a Wells Fargo in your area?