out of whack…

I am currently scouring the web for a new layout! Always fun..I seriously wish I had the patience or someone had the patience to help me make something! I just want something Girly, pretty, and 3 column..and free.. doesn’t seem like it should be that hard but it is!

Autumn Rain is up for renewal this week, so I gotta get that done! I believe I have till wed/thurs to get it done. 2 years..where has the time gone?

Today I am up early but I am thinking about heading back to bed for a bit! I was actually sleeping decently and feel semi like a human for once though, so I am as always afraid to go back to bed..Most of the time when I do I end up waking up with the extra special icky feeling!

It is starting to be summer. Looks like every day this week here in the south will be in the 90’s! 🙁 gotta get me a fan for upstairs or i’ll never make it for sure. Darn flat roof!

I know things have been kinda ho hum here at the site, but I really am hoping I can pick it up a notch. You have to realize things in my real life have been ho hum, so I really can’t help but to have carried it over to here, and once again inadvertently put my site on a back burner 🙁 seems like everything has been down including not only comments/interaction but hits ( a little bit) and all that good stuff…I tend to do really well with my site in the late spring/summer/fall and then slack off in the winter though! so ..I am hopefull to lure everyone back in!

It has really sucked this spring for me to have had allergies really bad, a bad period, allergies again, and for the last 2 weeks some sort of neck/ear/headachey thing going on + the horrible sleep as usual! I keep saying seriously I made it through cold season to deal with this? lol///

Anyways I am here, sorry I have gotten things all out of whack, and hope to see you all around!