Phone calls. Nausea. Forgetting to eat. Feeling like a hot mess.

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday evening I had a lovely phone chat with Miss Ashley from Parsimonious Pash while she was making a long trip! I had a blast talking to her and we def. got to do that again soon! I love when people feel comfortable enough with me from online to talk to me on the phone .. 🙂

After I got off the phone with her I realized .. I hadn’t ate dinner lol. David had been late getting home because he had went to walmart after work and he had mentioned grabbing something to eat earlier in the day. By the time he came home, showered and then went back out to walmart to get a shower head (seriously ours was 4 months old but was broke? go figure!) and some food for Marley because he had forgot (she had some wet food but no dry). I was talking to Ashley and I just forgot! He ended up getting me an Zen salad from Zaxbys. Other than than their chips and fried pickles I am not much for zaxbys(though I love the zax sauce) I know this salad is a promo thing and that it will go away it sucks! It has an asian slaw and dressing with an spring roll! So.. by this point I wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t even eat the salad. I don’t know what happened! I felt like my whole bottom dropped out! I thought I was gonna be sick sick (and i had just bragged about how I haven’t threw up since we moved lol)

Don’t worry. Me and that salad have an lunch date for today 🙂

I ended up showering and cuddling up in bed and watching the sons of anarchy comic con session on youtube (and I need to watch it again because I was so zonked I don’t remember half of it lol). David had sat up to play a game and by the time we got in bed it was after midnight *sigh* 5:30 sure came early. I still felt like a hot mess and I have so much I wanted to get done today, so I am trying to push through! I had several things I wanted to get done yesterday before David came home that I couldn’t do because my left eye started bothering me.. I am a hot mess no? lol I am making it through though!

Right now I am thinking about grabbing another cup of coffee and eating my salad and probably napping early .. I hate to do it but I might have to! We’ll see how it goes! I have done so well with no naps but on like 5 hours of sleep and feeling like this.. I might allow it lol