photo printer part2

project 365 day74 11.17.08

project 365 day74 11.17.08,
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heres a pic of my photo printer. i’m kind of disappointed to learn it was a discontinued one (from walmart) and it was only 10 bucks cheaper than the newer one but oh well !! its so tiny and cute and the pics look great 🙂 and i believe most of their photo printers use the 110 ink soo..
i’m gonna try to do better at importing some pics into the blog like i used to h a ha
i have been freakishly energetic the past three days..and i’m now starting to get sleepy!! it was good while it lasted, hopefully it will continue.
I will give out that link to the digitaly nichole *deeper* site sometime soon. theres nothing there yet anyways!!
ok so i need to throw all my school stuff together and go lay down so CIAOCIAO
ps:remember i’m always willing to do a link exchange.:) i will be cleaning out some of my links soon of people who I don’t really visit and all that sooo… lol