playing ketchup :)

Hey Everyone!

I Hope everyone had a great weekend as always! Mine was pretty mellow and what not but I am happy that it was because my weekends are going to start being crazy busy! I think I am actually going to have a yardsale this coming saturday even though it is David’s birthday and his mom has invited herself over/ to church… I could do that in the morning and still have plenty of time for the rest. I think my Mom will be going to the farmers market in the morning so I am not really 100% sure just yet. That and the fact I need to finish going through things too! We’ll see 🙂

Thursday night David ended up going to a concert with his brother and dad. I didn’t know that he was planning on doing so , so I had already made dinner and pretty much winded up my blogging and online stuff for the day. Anyways , lets  just say if I had known in advance I would have probably went over to my moms for the evening and her bring me back around 9 because OY was I bored lol. I do generally try to wind down the majority of my online stuff by the time he gets home but lately he is into playing some war game on his phone so it doesn’t really matter if I do or not .. I have actually been getting several things done in the evenings online lately. I figure this will continue through the summer hopefully.. 🙂

Friday I had not originally planned on going over to my mom and dads but when she called and asked me I was like sure why not. I hadn’t saw my dad in a few weeks, plus I knew they would be gone out of town saturday and my dad has to work on Sundays so.. yeah. We ended up going to goodwill and I got a few phone cases for my s4 (I am talking $125 in cases for $9! Including the one they tried to sell me at sprint for $50!) and a really nice Appalachian State hoodie too. There were a few other things but those are right off top of my head!

Now as you might know Alex (David’s Bro) bought my old burgundy car off of us about a month or so ago. Well let me see if I can make this long story short.. it messed up the week BEFORE my dad tried to cut his finger off.. but we didn’t know it until my dad was actually at urgent care .. so it was kept a secret for almost a week. We are not even sure WHY he didn’t call and say something because well.. it just doesn’t add up. Anyways he’s had it towed twice and had it a shop. When bascially my dad /david could fix pretty much anything wrong with it.. la la la

Anyways 3 weeks later and it was STILL at the shop because this dude just can’t figure it out and whatever. Anyways My dad found out and even offered to make a trip up there to try to figure it out – even though my dad is always VERY busy and he has no obligations to help. He told them to try a fuel pump first and then if not he would go from there but he was pretty sure that was the issue. Anyways Alex said oh he wasn’t going to worry about it, so by the time we get home he had changed his mind and David was like o.k well I’ll get up with him and find out what I need to do to test it – well in that time frame we thought they were going to do the fuel pump on Saturday. would you not know by the time we went to bed he changed his mind again. Needless to say David was REALLY aggravated over it!

Friday night we went to a quick trip to walmart and when we were on the way home the airbag light in the car won’t go off.. David can get it to reset but when you turn the car off and then back on it comes back. My dad ended up reading it with the code reader he has saturday evening and he says there is really not a problem that needs to be addressed.. it is just apparently a sensor type issue but David is obsessed with getting it looked at anyways *Sigh* sometimes he is just as bad as his dad/bro but shh i never said that lol.

Sat & Sunday just kind of came and went…

Today I have managed to clean up in the house a bit, and even make a new page here on AR- A guidelines and policies page for my reviews and sponsored posts 🙂 I am currently thawing some steaks which I am going to marinate in soy sauce, garlic, seasoned salt and then I will strip them up fry them in olive oil with multi colored peppers(Not green) and then make some rice. The last time i made it it was SO YUM!

Right now I Am getting ready to get off of here and perhaps do a little more house stuff and maybe even pre write on some reviews 🙂
Later Gators!