Post Christmas , Post! :D

Greetings from your sick Nichole! UGH I just cannot seem to shake this nasty funky cold! Plus, I got hit with a “female time” from you know where too! The cold is all in my lungs and chest right now, but it changes every day! I wish I had some mucinex!

I didn’t get to go to my grandparents for christmas, which sucked because I REALLY wanted to. However, I could not see feeling miserable, and david feeling miserable and trying to drive and spreading this crap to everyone else!

My mom had her eardrum rupture at some point last night, so that is just a big mess I really hope she doesn’t have any lasting effects from it. She said the bleeding had finally stopped!

I am HOPEFUL to get to class tomorrow night. THE LAST ONE!! However, if I still feel like this and it’s still all rainy out there isn’t no way in the world i’ll go. Which sucks. My ultimate goal is to be through BEFORE the end of the year and I only have Tomorrow or Saturday to do it!

I swear freaking 2013 better be better than this year! 2012 will go down as the worst year of my life! Between starting it off with David with Chest pains and then all my drama …. UGH … A gal deserves some sort of a break.

I really hope David and I can get to feeling a bit better BEFORE he goes back to work, which isn’t till wed…I need to do some cleaning and organizing and stuff and I’d like his help with!

The only thing I actually wanted from the store was a new deep fryer. Which my mom kept swearing she was going to get me or have my grandma get me one ..and I didn’t end up with one. However, David and I bought ourselves one today, so it’s all good 🙂

I have a new layout in the works that I *hope* I can get put up close to the new year, and I also have a cute media kit that I won.

I need to name my Star david bought me for valentines day like 3 years ago BEFORE january. I’m torn between naming it Autumn Rain or Shadow’s Star (he’s my baby boo cat that disappeared about 3 years ago!)

I want to write more but my fever is breaking right now and i’m about to ROAST. So I’m gonna get offline for a while and try to calm down and go to bed.