Post Honey Bunches of Oats Review

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Many of you may know that I am a VERY picky eater. From the things I am deathly allergic to (peanuts) Religious reasons as a child/young adult (Pork) and simply things that I just don’t eat (Cheese) just to name a few there aren’t that many things that I DO eat and makes for fun with trying to find different things to eat sometimes.

I have always been lucky in the fact at least when it comes to cereal, that most cereal has almonds or pecans in it. I have only found one cereal that had peanuts, and thankfully I figured it out before I actually ate it (Actually mom figured it out and called me in a panic telling me NOT to even attempt to eat it lol)

A cereal that I have always liked has been Honey Bunches of Oats…Even though again I am an odd ball in the fact that I don’t drink milk, and I do NOT put it in my cereal.

David loves loves love cereal and he was beyond excited for me to get the chance to get some Honey bunches of oats for him to enjoy!I got a box of the original and 5 coupons to get more later on. David wanted a peach flavor as soon as I got the coupons so he used one of those so he could try it first!

I really am glad that david likes cereal so much because there are those days that I get my eating patterns out of whack and I don’t want dinner or have no idea of what to make for I can just let him eat cereal and he is content.

I like that with honey bunches of oats it is a healthy thing for him to eat especially since he had that chest pain/panic/high blood pressure scare in january of this year! Honey bunches of oats has 10 grams of whole grain, only 6 grams of sugar, has 9 essential vitamins and minerals and it is heart healthy! This means that it has 0 grams of trans fats 0 grams of saturated fat and 0 mg of cholesterol!

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I received a full size box of honey bunches of oats& 5 coupons from post so that I could review the product. All opinions and thoughts and opinions above are honest and my own