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sooo what’s up my friends? not much here…seriously… you all do not know how much of a rut I am in!!! nothing ever changes, and i have became so BLAH i can’t get my ass online. it’s pure crazy! I have given up saying that i plan to be online more. because EVERY time i say it, something happens!

right now i’m sitting here while david’s out at his dads. he’s only 40 minutes away,and I told him i need him back BEFORE 7 so i can go tanning, and he keeps telling me he doesn’t know if he can make it back in time?? excuse me?? you know where in the heck i could be by 7? a whole lot further than to the tanning bed thats for sure!!.i don’t like to miss week days, because i suck at going on the weekends.

I bought Lady Antebellum’s first CD the other day….I LOVE IT just as much as the newer one. whoa. i love them. seriously. I am VERY picky with music.

Sam is napping right now. i tried to get him to nap with me while ago but he wouldn’t have it.he’s a trip i swear.

I am gonna clean out some of my blogroll. some people havent updated since before halloween!!…..

I was browsing myspace, which i rarely fool with anymore… and it keeps suggesting this BITCH that i used to be friends with. the one that pitched a fit over picking up her cd…and ensued a shit load of drama on me about a year NO

A lot of the reason i don’t post so much lately, is because sometimes i try to censor myself, which is something I am dead set against because hey its my damn blog and i say what i want, but some things are just best in my head anymore.

I had a ton of things i needed to get done today, but i haven’t done any of them. i was gonna try to go to my grandma’s this weekend, but i changed my mind. i don’t feel like drinking either and david is all mad about that. see i can’t do anything right. and thats just a start

well i’m out for now