purely freaking PISSED

i am telling you if i am not sick and freakin tired of everything and everyone.i swear if i cold just scoop up the cat and leave i’d never look back.

i have been hungry since 8 last night. there are no snacks here, and nothing to cook. i have repetedly asked david to take me to the store to get some things. i would go myself but I can’t take anyone else’s car.

i call him to ask him to come home, so we can go grab something CHEAP. i was like I WILL take 10 bucks of MY money and we go to mcdonalds. and he just flat out tells me he isnt coming home/doesnt know when he’s coming home and that he doesnt CARE

i almost said well then i dont know if i’ll be here. but i just hung up.

i am sick of hearing everyone bitch and complain and ask me to do everything.
i bet you anything he and his fam went and ate some fancy meal that he paid for and that he drags in a whole sleu of crap that we dont need that he bought while he was out.

but spending money is always my fault.

yeah i asked ur bro to crash my puter. i asked you to bust my damn screen. my fault. i see it.

i have got to get away. i just dont know how.