put it simple:I feel like death on a cracker

DRlogofor ARHey Everyone! This is kind of a quick post while I am waiting for David to come home for lunch, and before I go crash in the bed for a big chunk of the day. Last night before I went to bed I felt kinda meh, but I didn’t think a lot of it.. until I woke up at 2 or so and felt like death on a cracker! I spent a good portion of the night in the bathroom and seriously considered falling asleep in the floor at many points. .. I think it is a combination of heat and some female times + maybe just not getting enough rest that did me in. We had went to bed late to start with and so by the time David got up at 6 for work I probably had 2 hrs of sleep!  I tried to sleep this morning but UGH…

I know I had wrote that we were trying to see about getting a place of our own , but I had pretty well give up because of some really snooty real estate and credit people. David called lending tree and we are having them adjust some things on his credit and if we can get it up about 60 points then we would have a high enough score for him (I am unassociated lol) that we would be able to get a loan!  We should know something today… and/or we could find someone to co-sign… We actually went and peeked around at 2 places on Saturday – one is REALLY close by ..and the other is semi close. Here is hoping!

Well I would write more but I am actually pretty much typing with my eyes closed at this point so I’m gonna get off here and hopefully after a couple hours of sleep I can get up and going – at least to write something I already needed to have done! Later Gators!