queezy & such

my mom has been sick all day, I swear if I knew that the woman doesnt drink I would swear she was hungover!

I myself have been queezy for like 3 hours. if i werent bleeding to death i’d swear I was pregnant!

I never finished my last two documents. i will do it late tonight/early tommorow. I think 14 is enough for one day.

tommorow is the last day of that class anyways! I am  finally at a C average and i am fine with that. we have a final multiple choice exam, a production test, 2 timed writings, a unit grade… still left to get, so maybe i’ll hit a B before all is said and done.

I am really wanting to sell some crafty things!!!! I am gonna post two more little purses that I made 🙂 and if you want to buy them LET ME KNOW! I can put it on ebay, etsy or do it through paypal…yup yup i figure if i sold the purses for like ..10 bucks a piece…sold 10 a week i’ll keep david off my ass about getting a job! (hee hee)

 I also want to do some scrapbook pages (have to find some envelopes big enough to hold them….) maybe some candles & soaps? I just so in the mood to make crafty things! plus i’m gonna seriously put my moms baby blanket (even though pink & green & toile are my thing, I dont like that particular toile pattern, she actually made that from a pair of my capris! lol)

so if you want me to make you something let me know. i’m sure between me and my mom I could make it happen 🙂

if i werent so queezy I would drink my bottle of strawberry hill…

davids sleeping on the couch & shadow is sleeping on the dryer.

peace out for now



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    It sucks that both of you were sick. 🙁 I wish I could do things like scrapbooking and such. I don’t really…know…how. I might look into learning. Making purses seems like such a valuable tool to have in life! I wish I had money for that.

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    At some point I’ll probably request a purse from you (maybe even something for my daughter’s birthday) but I’m broke at the moment! Hope you feel better soon!