Quick evening update!

Well today I have been on fire with ideas for BE Society, getting the wordless wed. up over there, and even centering all of my sidebar buttons over here! I have also been adding files to the be facebook group throwing up questions, ideas, talking to people in messages and more! Then there has been me running around with my planner and various pieces of paper writing down thoughts and ideas! Right now the main thing I want is a nicer badge for members, and a nice button to use for linking purposes. J

I will probably be at my moms most of the day tomorrow, and even though I will have my phone and my ipad and even her computer with internet I never seem to get much done when I am over there. I might just stay up when David leaves and see what I can get done before she comes over! Hope we can do some couponing when she comes to get me. I need snack goodies!

Right now we just had a tiny black kitty come to our door and start crying. Of course with my cat I can’t have any others.. Sam was throwing a FIT FIT FIT!! I LOVE black cats. My cat when I was a little girl was a black cat! I know that sometimes people can be mean to black cats too! I wish i knew where it was from and get david to take it home…it had on a collar but no tags!

Well I have totally managed to loose my train of thought LOL so I guess this will be short and sweet! Also, I don’t know if I am going to my moms anymore or not because she is acting like she has lots of stuff she needs to get done so.. MEH! I am not into getting up too early to go over there either!