quick rambles. pumpkin pie. and homemade wine.

This week has been better than last for sure! I hope it continues that way! I have been enjoying sitting in the lazy boy recliner , watching tons of t.v(seriously what did i do before ? lol) and even playing on my DSI a little bit.  I don’t know if I wrote it or not but last Saturday David upgraded my Ipod to a 32gb touch like I was wanting! I haven’t managed to do much updating just yet, but I plan to maybe work on it some this weekend since it is David’s volunteer week. Now that I wrote that I am pretty sure that I did write that this would be that project I had been trying to find lol.

I think this might be David’s last volunteer week. He was supposed to do it for 6 months .. but the guy that was over his weeks parking crew resigned and he has to deal with this other dude who drives him crazy so he is thinking about throwing in the towel too. Also, they were really ridiculous about what they were expecting through christmas with the volunteering. I know I probably won’t make it to my grandmas for christmas for the simple fact it usually has to do with the weather, and then the fact that it is through the middle of the week, but David has this idea in his head he wants to go over to the nursing home and spend time with his grandpa so I have NO IDEA. Anyways, they are having like 6 extra services or something and it is just a mess. They are pooling together both parking groups and .. yeah that isn’t even David’s week to volunteer ..and with this guy being so annoying I don’t see it going very well. Unless by some chance they make david the leader.. but I guess we will know after this weekend!

My mom and dad are supposed to come over and bring me some pumpkin pie that my mom made today! and maybe a bottle of her wine that she has made. She makes me want to make wine.. even though she did blueberry and blackberry .. apparently you can make so many gallons legally in N.C you just can’t sell it. Oh.. and you can make it out of the frozen welches grape juice from the store lol .. Maybe if we didn’t have white (ish) carpet .. hmm.

I keep meaning to pick up some of my books that I have at my moms and start reading some .. I have well over 1000 books and the majority of them are at my moms. .. I really wish I could have them as well as like ALL of my stuff at my house. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff that is mine that is still at my moms lol. One thing is my huge fancy dresser with a huge mirror. I don’t see me ever getting to have that at my house though because it is so heavy and the risk of breaking that mirror..

David and I are currently talking about trying to get OUR OWN HOUSE around tax time. I guess we’ll see how that goes … I just have this feeling that these apartments will be going up in rent quite a bit by then, because i keep a check on what they go for on craigslist.. I know ours is NOT a remodeled one but the ones like ours are going about $200 more that are remodeled so You never know. I really don’t want them to remodel ours because omg they are god awful ugly. They are doing dark wood like floors and appliances. I like my carpet and white appliances. Stainless steal would be o.k.

anyways.. i thought I would take a few minutes to ramble.. David will be home soon. I am not really hungry so I am not sure about what to do for dinner. I know last night I made food and I was the only one that ended up eating it.. I am like ok why do I go to the store and try to come up with things to make if no one is gonna eat you know?  I think I will wash up a couple of dishes, make another cup of coffee and have some down time until he gets home.  so.. catch ya later gators!