ramble ramble

it is so hot outside. hot and VERY humid..its ick!
I am on the self healing computer right now lol. makes me wish it would have self healed before i spent the money on a laptop! eh I wanted one anyways 🙂

i got a wireless keyboard but the stupid thing didnt have the piece that you use to conect it to the computer soo thats not doing me any good. i wish that stupid thrift shop would keep their electronics with their cords and misc other parts..

my hair is having a weird moment. it wont hold water at all. like its perma dry and driving me nuts….because I dont feel like straightening it with all of the rain thats going on.

I thawed out my wedding cake lol it tastes ok to be 2year old cake.

I am hungry out of my mind. and i dont know what my mom is making for dinner. david will be home in a few minutes. i really wish the people that were going to come wire his ignition thing up would come do it. my dad wont do it because he’s afraid to screw it up lol

anyways i’ve rambled enough 🙂 I must download flock for this computer Internet Explorer is annoying me


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    My mom supposedly saved the top of our wedding cake so we could eat it on our 1st anniversary, but we couldn’t find it last Oct! She said it was in our freezer, we said it was in hers…but it wasn’t in either!