ramblings from the weekend


So my monday has started off with me breaking the site (thankfully nicole got me up and running pretty fast) and breaking the stupid piece of plastic that covers my hinge to my netbooks screen…I managed to do all of this before 8 a/m! The computer probably can’t be fixed , or let’s just put it this way…I can’t do it! Maybe David will have some luck!  At least I can still use it I suppose, so it could have been worse! Also, why is it always something PLASTIC breaking on my computers? Years ago my laptop x key came off and wouldn’t go back on because of some stupid piece of plastic underneath. Plastic doesn’t have any place on a computer!

The weekend was pretty uneventful, as usual….It’s so uneventful that the days blur together…or maybe thats from me staying up this morning and breaking things? Either way….Blah! Our weather is all gray and cloudy and it looks like it is going to be that way all week! Sure doesn’t motivate me to get anything done! Like right now I need to wash dishes, clothes, and vacuum…and probably a bunch of other stuff…and it’s monday and I don’t wanna!

Speaking of motivated. I told myself that I would NOT get new blogger cards for bloggy bootcamp, then just for fun I started working on one. went STRAIGHT to the most perfect template EVER..and proceeded to design a pretty epic card..it’s 6 bucks more than I want to pay and I need to tweak the one side ..but i’m pretty sure i’ll end up getting them either way. To get free shipping so I can get them on time I need to order like NOW.

Autumn-Rain will turn 3 this week (Friday) so I have to get that renewed. and..my & moms flickr account expired a month ago so I need to fix that as well. Maybe the paid blogging gods will smile upon me this week?

Well I am going to go and see what I can manage to get into before I take myself a early nap …