did i write here about getting a razr phone the other night? well I did lol. it is black, butI have a pink playboy bunny cover on it that makes it look…weird. it will be my picture of the day from monday for 365 when i get it up so you will see what I mean

duke had a photograph shoot today lol. with his new frisbee university hoodie and big brush bone. hes just tooo precious.

still trying to find out why when i was looking though my pics in longhorn while ago there was some kind of error and I lost a picture? i hate when that crap happens…and well i wouldnt have out and right deleted it but things happen.(ie david did it.. i could have brought it home and checked it out first but NO) i just wonder what pic it was. guess of duke

anyways enough of the pointless posts huh. hee hee. out .gonna get some comfuy clothes on get into bed watch family guy and go to sleep. I have freakin emerging tech @ 8 a/m tommorow. dont get me started