Read what I wrote, not what you want me to write!

There are more examples of this than what I can remember to write, but lately it just seems like people are getting more and more to where they do NOT read fully what you write!

For example, on my other site I have an advertising page that clearly says in BOLD at the top of the page that these rates do NOT apply to retailers & companies! Guess how many companies I have had emailing me going OMG YES I WANT YOUR RATE FROM YOUR SITE


Then there are the people that cannot spell NICHOLE with an H to save their life! Hello? It’s right there in my signature and my email address…after we have emailed oh 5x maybe you could pick up on it?

Another thing?

I have been trying to sell a few things online and I clearly say PAYPAL ONLY do you know how many people I have had wanting to give me gift cards?

Which almost gets me started on my rant about craigslist..(You do NOT want me to go there) I had some “Military guy” call me B word on there the other day!!! I was about to be like um …well I won’t tell you what I Wanted to say, but I didn’t because it would have been a “threat” I suppose

So … does anyone else encounter these special people who cannot read, and it bugs you? or is just me? I know I attract the dumb dumbs on almost a daily basis.