Roku Rocks(Netflix & Hulu too!)

this is NOT a sponsored post, I just want to spread my love of streaming devices , netflix and hulu. I have in NO way been compensated for this post

When David & I first got married we didn’t have the internet for about 3 or 4 months, we just went to the library and relied on their 1 hour a day limit. We also lived for 2 years with only local t.v.  I personally could go a whole lot longer without t.v than internet!

When we lived with mom , she had directv, and when we moved out on our own again David wanted us to get it. I was reluctant, but agreed anyways. We got it in mid January 2009.

My bill was never the same or even close to the same any month. and 50+ bucks? ridiculous!

Last January they took out my payment 3x in a row which equaled 190 bucks! They didn’t want to give me my money back, just credit my account! I was like yeah, um not working for me, because lets face it..who has 190 to just let them have at one time? I had other bills..

I asked how much it would take to cancel my account and they said $200. So I told them they could keep the money and send me the kits to send back my boxes! I borrowed $200 from my mom to cover the rest of our bills.

Would YOU NOT KNOW that before I could go to moms and get home they credited that money back? AMAZING..they didn’t want to give it back till i said BYE C YA!

anyways, i had some more problems durring cancellation, which I don’t want to get into ..just in my advice to you, I wouldn’t have a card on file that is CURRENT when you leave..

David & I got a nifty little box called a ROKU and wow, that thing is A M A Z I N G !!! There are several free channels you can get (and even some hidden ones that you can find the codes for online) You can also stream your netflix and hulu plus through it as well. basically for $16 a month I have access to pretty much anything that I want to watch.

Hulu is a little wonky because a lot of things I want to watch like Pretty Little Liars for web only..but still I just go on the computer the day after it airs and watch it.

does it bother me to not be able to watch stuff at regular times? not really! does it bother me that netflix is slow about getting new seasons and things to watch? no. isn’t all the stuff they show on hulu and netflix really OLD and bah blah blah? not really? I just watched all the way to season 4 on gossip girl which is only a season behind! didn’t bother me at all!

With all the shows I have dvd + all the roku channels..well.. I have plenty of options and i’m not OBLIGATED to pay every month. i’m under NO contract and..even better it’s CHEAP where else you gonna watch tv for 8-16 a month with no contract?

if anyone ever has any questions about roku/netflix/hulu let me know and i’ll try to answer them!