Sam & Mamas Last day Alone…

Today since i Have been so slack this week – or maybe a week and a half or so lol, I am up doing all the things I can get done from the IPAD first then will work my way to getting up and doing things on the computer and in the house! Including reviews, dishes,laundry and straightening my hair. OY!

I have to admit today is a sad day for me a little bit, because it is sam and my last day together just us! I know it sounds stupid but..he’s been my fur baby for almost 4 years! I know most people say that he will get along with Marley (we are getting a dog tomorrow if anyone missed that announcement) or they will learn to ignore each other…but I Swear people that say that don’t know sam!

I HOPE it goes better than I think in my head. Sam has been outside with Marley before when she lived over here and he just smelled her and didn’t make his usual freaky sounding hissing noise he makes. HE did bite her on the neck one time too though…

Here is to hoping I guess!
I just SERIOUSLY didn’t plan to get a dog. OY.

Well I am gonna get off here and go heat up some leftovers to eat for breakfast and maybe make some coffee, I am hoping to be all caught up with dinner in the crockpot by 12 or 1 and then NAP 🙂