Sam’s Great Escape

Today I am in a BLAH mood like..WHOA. I mean I just feel invisable. 🙁

David got sent home early because of the weather (which in my opinion isn’t that bad but still)

Last night we went to david/my dad’s work christmas party (including my mom) we went to this place that they used to have it at a long time ago, because the place they have been going burned a couple weeks back. Anyways, we were running late of course, and my parents beat us there so I had them save us seats

They had a SET menu for us to order from which kind of sucked because I was going to get a new york strip and david wanted some trout or perch. I mean they had a steak option (ribeye which david, mom and I got) and a chicken option(that dad got). What sucked is I know my dad loves fish but he can’t have shellfish so he couldn’t get the seafood option.

I thnk the reason that they had a set menu was because of the fact that there was another party going on and it was so the cooks could keep things straight or something. I am pretty sure it wasn’t because of david’s work because it hasn’t ever been like that before. The more they spend the more of a tax write off they get!

What sucked was the christmas bonus. Now, I know that they didn’t have to give one period. nor take the guys/their wives out for this dinner. Or give us a 25 buck foodlion gift card.But the bonus was more of an insult than anything. 46 bucks? ummz? yeah .I think my dad’s was only 60 and usually his is up in the hundreds, so that is how you know it has gotten bad

The other night david & his dad went over to see davids brother & friend. I didn’t go because it was cold and I had things to do. Plus lets face it I would have rather been by myself for a while lol. Anyways, they come back drunk around midnight (way to go david, like you didn’t have to work the next day)

Sam & I were in bed and when the door opened sam came downstairs.A little while later I was like “where is sam” and we started looking for him…everywhere. I asked David if he was sure that Sam didn’t get out (he is really quick to dart out the door, but I always watch for him and bring him back ..he doesn’t get much further than the edge of the sidewalk)

They (Him & His dad) kept saying there was no way he got out and all this. Guess what? HE DID get out. he was outside way down the road in the freezing cold! He had been out about 30 minutes. His ears were so cold/as well as the rest of him.

I was so pissed at david for not paying attention. I was also glad we found him!

well i’m out for now. trying to comment and such!

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    I’m glad you found him. My cat has been playing escape artist lately too. She’s gotten out two or three times now and ends up being out there all night because she goes into the crawl space under my house rather than coming back inside. I’m really hoping she doesn’t do that crap now that it’s snowing and such.

    And the bonus thing sucks, but hey some money is better than none. I’m not sure if my mom got her bonus this year or not. Everyone seems to be hurting in the financial department still.

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    I agree that bonus sucks and could have been better, unfortunately that’s the world we live in now. Plus at least they gave some money. I remember back about 4 or 5 years ago my husband’s work would have a nice Christmas party for workers and spouses and it was such a good time. The past couple years they do a workers only lunch on a work day for Christmas and no bonuses anymore 🙁 such a shame!

    Glad you found your poor cat before he froze. That happened to me with my dog once I left her in the snow while I ate dinner and didn’t know she had gotten out. She has long hair and when we found her she had somehow picked up snowballs all over her coat poor thing!