Say Hello To The New Boy


This is sampson, or sam as we have started to call him. his originial name was peaches, which i thought was a stupid name for a boy cat lol. and my mom started calling him sampson so i’m like ok fine. i actually called shadow sam for about three days when we first got him.

I got him yesterday off of craigslist, and he came with an ASSLOAD of shit. i’m talking bags of food, cases of wet food, treats, flea collars,flea drops shampoo, a brand new litter box, a brand new cat carrier,shampoo,litter box sprays,and more.

he is around 9 months old, i would assume he’d be more like 6 or 7. he’s a very young soul, i mean with shadow i’d have assumed that he was like on his 8th life or something lol. i think this fellow is brand new. 🙂

he will actually HUG you when you hold him.

anyways i’m starting to get a cold, and i’m wore out. so i’m out for now!!