school is driving me crazy!

I just got through doing 14 documents and 13 drills or something like that. well the thing is I have no successfully turned in 5 units of homework, some timed writings and a couple of tests. this is since january. and i don’t have ANY grades. and it is starting to get on my nerves!

this is the last class i have to take. honestly as long as i make a 70 and pass I don’t really care. but. it would be nice to know that i am passing before the withdrawal audit date! I mean i have had this same teacher before and she has been the same way. but this class is extra stressful. each document counts as a grade and i have turned in close to 100. and on top of that if there is even as much as ONE error on a document then that document is a ZERO! so you can see why i’m worried

right now i’m in distress because we generally have had about 2 weeks on each unit. and these have been short basic documents like tables and reports. the latest one is on LEGAL documents and they are omg hard and we have never worked on them before. and oh yes. they are due next thursday. I guess we all know how i’ll be spening my weekend right?

I doubt i get a job in my field (MOA. medical office administration anyways)because of the way the job market is. sometimes i think that it might be a good idea to check out Business Loans and learn how to understand things about them. in my class we actually have a timed writing in our book on business loans!
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well i’m out. i need to find some socks and a sweatshirt. its a cold rain. like 40 degrees!