selling stuff…again…

For Sale
Tord Boontje Hp Mini Series Limited Edition Netbook. Comes with upgraded memory (2gb instead of 1) 160 harddrive, matching sleeve, extra battery.also throw in my old navy messenger bag thats the perfect size to tote it around, and matches in its own way! i’d like 475 but i realize thats kinda steap. therefore, for my online friends i’m thinking 375ish and a little for shipping. i am negotiable to an extent!

wii game your shape w/video camera i only played it ONE TIME its now 50 bucks instead of 70 so i’m thinking 35ish +nominal shipping fee

if you are interested in either one drop me a line.

ahh to reply to jenn’s comment..i can’t take any of it back to the store 🙂 the netbook is about 5months old, and that silly game i don’t have the reciept/ and you know how stores are about taking video games back! i’d love to if i could though! 🙂

if i hadn’t upgraded to a laptop i wouldn’t sell the netbook. its too freaking cute!


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    You can always find video game stores to take stuff back! Even old games, they do sell games secondhand, even the big chain stores do that now! They’ll take pretty much everything back.

    I guess you’d have a harder time with the ~5 month old netbook, but hopefully you get a buyer soon. Or try craigslist, there’s always people looking for stuff there 😀