Server Upgrade & My Sick Marley

Hey Everyone!

This has been one fit n furious week! I cannot believe it is already THURSDAY!  I know Monday night I Had a sick Marley 🙁 She managed to get into sams food while we had went to walmart to take a movie back and then… apparently she GOBBLED it down. I didn’t quite realize she had done it until Sam was roaming the house howling about 10:30 p/m and generally that is a sign he is out of food (that combined you can hearing him howling in the distance ..because he is sitting on the guest bathroom sink lol) Anyways.. David said that he thought Sam had food so I got up to check and lo and behold he was out. Then David said he knew that Sam had a whole bowl of food when we went to Walmart. Well.. around this time Marley started acting like she was gonna be sick so.. we grabbed towels and yeah.. you can guess where it went from there.

EXCEPT that is not where it ended. she got in her bed and went to sleep and we just happen to peak at her and she had threw up all over herself and her bed. Of course it was straight up cat food too.. we took her bed away to clean it and put it in the washer and she had the most sad look you have ever saw in your life!  David was tending to all of that and I was sitting with her in the bed ..and she threw up again! 🙁 after that she seemed pretty o.k so we went on to sleep and about 4:30 Tuesday morning she started having like what I guess you would call the dry heaves… actually you could tell she had to be sick but she would like suck it back and make her self not do it and it was pitiful because she was basically suffocating herself 🙁 She finally just got up in our bed and would kinda make a little bit of noises but she soothed herself to sleep.  Thankfully that was the end of it and she was just really wore out on Tuesday! (as were we all !)

I took this pic of her when David left for work around 7 a/m

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I have actually been more inspired blog wise and what not this week than I have in a long time. I found a local group of gals and a blogger meetup that I am looking forward to (I will be doing a whole post on that) Right now I am having the lovely miss Charli help me out with a new design for AR and I am trying to make up some new blogger cards too! My old ones have the title of an old group i was part of, my QR code is wrong for my media kit.. and I dont like the pic i used lol. I do however like the basis of it and might end up just updating that design- adding in instagram and my other blog as well. We will see how it goes.

Right now I need to get off of here and make a list of things I need to get done today and keep rolling… I will catch ya in a bit I am sure.. Also if you noticed some 508 errors n the site don’t worry my lovely miss Jenn is upgrading to a VPS server 🙂