Short Rambles from the Short Girl

DRlogofor AR

Hey everyone! it must be thursday because I have a headache AND they are mowing/weed eating outside and it doesn’t help lol. It seems like this is my thursday tradition. I had planned to go over to moms today but since David had something he needed to do this evening I am going to go tomorrow I suppose. I had hoped for an early morning and what not but.. no dice! It isn’t a BAD headache and if they would get off the sidwalk directly under my window/the breezeway with the leaf blower it would be great! I think they have been at it since like 8 or so it is nearly 11!

I want to catch up on my posts for the 31 days of summer- Days 13/14 are likely going to be a combined freebie post- I know 13 is def a freebie and I honestly don’t feel like hunting pics down for 14 but we will see. I need to do pics for my instagram challenge too. I knew about half way through i’d loose steam..but a few of them are repeat topics so thats kinda meh too!

I need to seriously perk it up and get a few things done in the house too. I am looking into maybe doing a giveaway here and the only thing that popped in my head was just snag some of my moms handmade goodies but I am not sure -I could just put them in a flat rate box and load it up so we will see. I know she has really been bummed since that god awful vending event experience she had ..she had all this stuff made up tons of nice comments and BAM noone bought a thing! Then again no one really looked or paid attention to the vendors at that event so..

I don’t KNOW the last giveaway I did.. they aren’t really my thing but to perk things up I might try one 🙂

This is shorter than my normal rambles but I need to get going – drink some coffee find some vitamin B and whatnot ..I am sure to be back later 🙂