Shutterfly for holiday cards! (giveaway!)


last year's card (2010)

Everyone who knows me, knows I live for mail & packages! I have been like this since I was a young child… I don’t know why but it is just excitement for me. I get extra indulged during the holiday season because of holiday cards!  I like to send as well as receive. Check back here sometime next week for my google document that you can fill out and exchange cards with me! I really like to connect with my online pals this way!  I do give out the option to exchange either Christmas cards, holiday cards or the “surprise me” option! (Oh, and I ship internationally as well!)



Last christmas was the first year I ever did a professional photo holiday card! I had wanted to send out photo cards before, but no such luck. Never had a good enough printer or the time/money to fiddle with going somewhere and printing out pics and on and on. I have saw some of my aunts throw together some very icky looking atempts in their time! I didn’t want to even attempt something if it wasn’t going to look decent!

I ordered cards from shutterfly, and had the whole family talking! I didn’t get to hear my uncle say it, but he is quoted as saying “You can tell when people buy quality!” 🙂  Then I got to hear “I bought her that shirt” (grandma) “I bought her the pink hat” (david) and “I took the picture” (Mom) Lol, I think I’m the only one who didn’t have a claim to make when it came to the card! (that’s the picture over there on the left!)

I really liked the professional look, and the fast shipping. I was really impressed and was happy to get to work with them again this year! For this year, I’m not sure which way to go! I am so indecisive, and I like to get my cards out the week of thanksgiving (well, most of them!)

I have to get david and myself all spiffed up so we can take our picture, and all that good stuff. I honestly don’t have a theme in mind or anything at this point I guess I better get on the ball!  There are so many options it boggles my little mind. The only real requirements i’m striving for are that it is a glossy finish and perhaps an actual folded card, other than that ????

This year shutterfly has gave me 3 codes to share with my readers that will entitle those 3 people to receive a set of 25 cards of their choice for free! I haven’t done a giveaway for ages, but with the help of rafflecopter, i’m hoping we can get this thing going!

ps: Are you a blogger? Want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here

The contest will open today, Thursday October 27 2011 and will end next Tuesday Nov 01 2011I will email the winners within 48 hours! Sounds easy enough no? well jump in and enter, and make me want to do more giveaways here on autumn-rain!!

I was provided with a code for 50 free shutterfly cards in exchange for my honest thoughts & opinions about shutterfly + 3 codes for 25 shutterfly cards to giveaway for my readers