simulate a post..


so yeah I haven’t blogged in a few days, what else is new? lol everytime i get on a roll i mess up!

I can’t really say anything important or special that I have been doing..I can’t even blame it on g.r.i.t.s or anything! I think mostly my thing is twitter spoils me to death!!

David’s parents/family are driving me/him crazy right now. They call MY phone friday night (his aunt) talking about how david needs to find his dad somewhere else to live other than living with his grandma! excuse me but wtf? his g-ma is fine with it so who’s business is it to say anything else? anyways it’s a big mess…

I then got pissed because his mom lied about giving his aunt my number! I am about to tell them all to stick it where the sun don’t shine. they don’t realize that david works in heavy equipment all day long and has nothing else to do as he operates it but to think of their stupidity? it’s dangerous!

One day karma is gonna bite some people in the freaking ASS and I can’t freaking wait!

I have a layout to put up here..and i want to get around and comment. *hopefully* here in a few I will at least get the commenting STARTED 🙂  david just called and said he’s gonna be late so i’m gonna eat some dinner and then see what I can get done.

I kinda have a new schedule in my little world due to working with @mommytofive @kecia08 @jesseebeth and @misskatexon editing articles late at night. ha ha. i actually feel better on 4hrs of sleep. go figure

ok hope to catch u all in a few