since I last wrote

Hey Everyone

I have only ONE More review to get done this year and I am considering myself done and finished for the year! I had hoped to be done by dec 20th at the latest but it is o.k, things really started to pick up and I had to rearrange things a bit!  I also ended up going up to my grandmas for the day on Friday for “Christmas” so that was nice. We kind of decided to go last minute.. well O.K we had talked about it late thursday night and then David didnt wake  me up at 5 when he was supposed to, even though he says he did! We ended up going to walmart to get one of those little transmitter things for the ipod to play through the car radio, and then we headed out with Marley about 8. Marley travels so well! She set on my lap for 2 hours though lol. We got to my grandmas around 12 and left about 4:15 and got home around 8:30. Very zonked after that trip for sure!

Saturday & Sunday kind of blur together …We didn’t have any church service or volunteering going on so we just hung around the house! We did get our cable internet back on Sunday afternoon so I am happy to be able to stream and all of that good stuff again. We FINALLY got them to get the price down to a reasonable amount!

Sunday night I had the god awfullest migraine EVER and threw up half the night. I also had a low grade headache most of the day yesterday..which started getting worse in the evening and the nausea of course came back …I had made veggie beef soup- a huge huge pot and then I couldn’t even eat it really. I did eat a spoon full and it was so good but I was worried about eating more so I had David go get me broth and ginger ale!  The headache is gone but the nausea is still around. I think it is a tummy bug because we had lots of people in the family who had one last week!

I see people talking about all the changes that they are going to make in the new year in their lives, with themselves, and their blogs and what not and honestly I haven’t thought that much about it just yet lol I do want to try to eat healthier, find more things to make at home and maybe start walking around the apartment place again like I was back in the summer. As far as blogging goes. … I probably won’t be changing anything too awful much. I do want to get Southern-Belle up and going and I want to revamp BE but I am not really sure on any particulars! If I come up with anything else I will of course write about it here!

When I got up while ago there was a dog barking like crazy outside so I open the door and didn’t recognize it. Well I got a call from the office about was it my dog because it was a black dog. I was like No, it isn’t Marley!  I did tell them about the honking pit bull on the 3rd floor though. Ooopsie. Lol. I don’t know if i had mentioned it before but that dog had Marley and Me cornered one time! Plus that jackal gives me the heebie jeebies.

Well.. .I just wanted to write an update before I get the day going I guess. I have the nausea, but I am SO HUNGRY .. I have leftover soup, salad and I could make a roast beef sandwich so we’ll see how it goes!

More later gators!