Sleep So Deep

DRlogofor AR

Hey Everyone!

This week is feeling like one of those weeks that just is going to fly by before I know it! I know that this is going to be a short guy for David because he managed to get Thursday off even on short notice so that we can go make our Gold Seasons Passes at Carowinds since our vouchers got here yesterday! Plus we are going to the daughtry concert there that night and if he hadn’t got the day off/off a little early we would have been in a rush trying to eat and take Marley over to my moms and such.

One thing that is kind of putting a damper on our plans though is that they are doing an APARTMENT INSPECTION on the same day and personally i don’t want people all up in my stuff if I am not around, i don’t care who you are unless you are my mom that just doesn’t fly with me so hopefully since we are in the first apartment building we will get things going sooner than later.  I wish they could have picked any other day .. The things on the list they are checking are things that any person that I know had a problem with they would call and have them come fix anyways- for example doors locking, plumbing,etc. But.. you know what do I know?  I know one time last year I waited all day for them to come in and doing a fire inspection and it NEVER happened lol.

I went to bed O M G early last night and watched tv for a good while and then I slept SO deep it was a bit scary… I know I woke up sometime in the night and got water and then I know David got up and he started playing that stupid war game ! He didn’t know I was awake but i finally just sat up like i had a bad dream or something and he put the phone down. You talk about addiction to something? I mean sure sometimes I wake up in the night I will check my tablet for notifications OR if I can’t sleep I might clean out my email or something but.. nothing like he is with that silly game. I had thought by now he’d not be as crazy with it but it seems like it gets worse. Eh. maybe it will wear out the welcome one day!

I straightened my hair yesterday for the first time in forever- I didn’t realize in a months time how long it has got + thicker than I like.. OY lol. I need some pomade and I am out but.. yeah .. it is just not happy hair lol.

I am not sure what is on my agenda for today- I have found a couple of writing challenges I am interested in working on here and on SB (I know right? lol)  I have a few emails I need to send out as well.. honestly I am loving this lo key summer days thing 🙂

More later of course!