Snarky With a capital S

I have just been in the msot Snarky mood this week. I really don’t know why. Monday I was pretty ok, went out shopping with my mom(big lots/dollar tree/family dollar) and ate lunch at wendys. (I FREAKING ADORE their new fries)

Anyways, sometime between Monday night and waking up yesterday morning, I had this drastic mood change.I can’t explain it. It is just like I see things that people tweet, or emails that I get and i’m just in total disagreement with whatever they say. Which, Hey don’t think I agree with everything everyone says all the time or it is just like instead of disagreeing I just want to say the most mean evil things back…

I have been using the If you don’t have anything nice to say,don’t say anything at all rule 😀

Therefore, I have been laying low since yesterday pretty much. I have added a few things to Grits Reviews (oh wait I never announce that I have a new review site on here did I? I do. You should check it out and submit some reviews) Actually I have 2 reviews to add there right now. It has really done well so far (I think I announced it Thursday or Friday can’t remember)

Right now I am stressed out about getting read to go to my grandma’s. everyone knows I have travel anxiety like hell. I start panicking about stupid things, and have to insanely clean the house, make lists of things to do and pack..don’t know why i’m like this .. just terrified i’ll forget something and everything will fall apart.

you would think that the fact we are traveling with my parents would take some of the stress away which it has, but still..ACK! I am currently loading the kindle up, and am gonna try to get some new stuff on my ipod as well.

I mean I’m washing clothes, trying to straighten my hair (mom cut it too short eek) and trying to do about 5 million things. the sad part is i’m out of coffee.

well i’ll try to write more again later/tomorow..and get around and comment. 🙂