david had bought me a snuggie a while back but since i’m so short it just didnt work out. today when i went to the foot dr. with my mom we went in dollar general and they had a kid snuggie!!
heres a picture of me on dailybooth in the snuggie.(webcam pic sucks because i’m kinda ROUGH looking today lol)
heres a picture of the box on flickr

i want to say to everyone..yes i am trying to make some money with linkbucks, and i’d really appreciate the support. everytime you click on one of the links it gets me money. and you can just skip out of the ad if you want

if you want to join linkbucks, please let me know and then you can use my refer code.

i didn’t leave anyone for all the paid blogs and tweets and such. and if you do sign up i will support you as well!!

the secret project has entered phase 2. the only hint i’ll give is…well its exquisite

its such fun to have a secret hee hee
i had to tell ONE person outside of michelle and nicole because I had confused her lol

ok peace. and please if we’ve exchanged links and you haven’t commented in a while, say hey. i’d appreciate it!