there is like NOTHING going on in the world that is Nichole. mom came over this morning and took me tanning and colored my hair. so i can’t wait to see what shade of red it turned out (should know more when i straighten it out I suppose!!

I updated the About page on this site. i added a picture and rewrote a few things. one page at a time i’ll have this place in tip top shape πŸ™‚ I also took away some links of people who had either unlinked me /hadn’t been by/or updated in forever or the link was broken.

My mom also was trying to help me find something to wear for the weekend and all i heard was how fat i was and that none of my clothes are right,etc for like an hour. it was sooo lovely.

I really don’t know why i cannot loose a little weight. i was doing wii fit every day for like 3 weeks and didn’t loose shit. i honestly don’t eat a whole lot, and the only meal i eat in a day is dinner. and i don’t snack alot either.i cut back on soda.

i bought that wii game with the camera called myshape but i really didn’t get to try it out because david makes fun of me when i do that stuff. i might try again when he isnt around….

I am trying to find some paid blogging as always, and as always no freaking luck. i get leads on payperpost but then never hear back from them. it sucks cuz i have had several 50 buck ones that i never got a response on πŸ™ i keep trying though!!

well more latter…might video blog lol. πŸ™‚


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    Not eating a lot is not a good way to lose weight. Your body will actually convert more of the sugar you eat in the food (especially natural sugars) into fat in order to store as energy if your body thinks that it’s going to be a long time between meals. It’s smarter to eat several small meals per day (3-6 very small meals throughout the day) and drink lots of water or eat food with a lot of water.

    Also for paid blogging, it helps if you have your own domain and have a high PR rating, just FYI. πŸ™‚

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    Aww your mum sounds awesome, treating you to tanning and having your hair done- you should upload a photo of your new hair colour πŸ™‚