so, how have you been?

So what have I been up to since i last wrote?

Well Wednesday evening david and I went to eat at the bar (yeah, Eat at the they have the best home cooked stuff in the area!) and I ran into my second grade teacher which was AWESOME. After we left david kept saying he felt weird… which itsself was weird.

He kept having shortness of breath, numbness in his left arm and his jaws were “locking” I got pretty concerned because I know that all of those alone,let alone all together, are signs of a heart attack. We quickly rushed off to the ER shortly after coming back from eating. I know I called My mom as we were getting in the car and she was freaking out. Honestly, David’s family never gives a rats you know what about a darn thing, so I didn’t call them..

They quickly took him back, and then gave him his own little room. We did an ekg, chest xrays and a lot of blood pressure monitoring/heart rate monioring as well. The first bp reading that they recorded was 174/85! His pulse was like in the 120’s as well.

They kept offering us heated blankets, and in my case snacks or drinks. I never took them up on it, but i’m serious when I tell you I think if they would have asked one more time I would have!

They had to give david something to calm him down..he was shaking like a leaf and the bp/heart rate wouldn’t fall.. it was scary for sure.

Around 11:30 we finally got to leave. they really didn’t say much as to what really happened, but in my opinion I think his BP got really high, cause the heart attack symptoms and then caused him to panic!

When we left the hospital we came out on a back road, and well.. got a little lost. I know that sounds so freakin stupid, but I never go on that road! Finally got going in the right direction, got home and went to bed.

Thursday I spent most of my day in bed asleep! Friday, I can’t really remember..I know david is working on fridays again,’s weird for me to have another day to myself! Saturday we went to my mom’s for a while for dinner and then went to target and kohls just so we could be out of the house!

Yesterday we spent doing a whole lot of nothing, and.. yay now we are caught up till today!

I need to start a load of towels/whites, clean sam’s box (semi needs dumped and restarted) and to vacuum the living room! also have 2 posts to write later on!

david should be home in a hour and a i’m out for now! ttyl!